Vol 3 Issue 1

Volume 3, Issue 1


Effect of phosphorus fertilization on soil phosphrous level, growth and yield of soybean (Glycin max L.) in paddy soil
Henny Kuntyastuti and Suryantini*
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 01 – 09

Impact of Cypermethrin on biochemical contents of a freshwater snail – Bellamya bengalensis
Dhairyashil V Ahirrao* and Deepak L Phand
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 10 – 14

Biodegradation of low density polyethylene by micro-organisms from garbage soil
Deepika S and Jaya Madhuri R*
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 15 – 21

Fish availability and consumer preference in Batticaloa district in Sri Lanka
Devadawson C*, Jayasinghe C and Sivakanesan R
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 22 – 31

Morphological study of male genitalia of ichneumonidae (insecta: hymenoptera) of subfamily pimplinae – I
Deepak L Phand# and Dhairyashil V Ahirrao*,#
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 32 – 36

Effect of types of extractions on antioxidant activity of varieties of black teas from India
Hafeeza Khanum, Alamgir N Shanediwan, Sulochanamma G, Borse B B*
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 37 – 43

Protective effect of Spirulina against paracetamol-induced hepatic injury in rats
Mona N M Sharoud
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 44 – 53

Physical and chemical treatments for the control of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. manihotis in cassava seeds
Fanou André Antoine* and Wydra Kerstin
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 54 – 59

Optimization of zooplankton production from pig dung optimal dose: non-renewed medium
Clément Agossou BONOU, Hervé Hotèkpo AKODOGBO* and Emile Didier FIOGBE
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 60 – 66

Biochemical marker Secalin for the selection of rust resistance in wheat breeding
Manikandan N
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 67 – 71

Clinico-pathological observations in sheep & goats exposed to lineage III peste des petits ruminants virus infection in Kenya
Maina S M, Gitao C G* and Gathumbi P K
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 72 – 80

Hematological, serological and virological findings in sheep and goats experimentally infected with lineage III peste des petits ruminants virus isolates in Kenya
Maina S M, Gitao C G* and Gathumbi P K
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 81 – 88

Addressing constraints in propagation of Allanblackia spp. through seed sectioning and air layering
Ofori D A*, Asomaning J M, Peprah T, Agyeman V K, Anjarwalla P, Tchoundjeu Z, Mowo J G and Jamnadass R
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 89 – 96

Effect of water stress on proline metabolism and leaf relative water content in two high yielding genotypes of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) with contrasting drought tolerance
Ranganayakulu G S*, Chinta Sudhakar and Sivakumar Reddy P
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 97 – 103

Frequency of PrP genotype in Tunisian sheep
Haifa El-Hentati*, Mohamed Ben Hamouda, Intissar Ben Ayache, Abderraouf Kenani and Ali Chriki
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 104 – 108