Vol 1 – Issue I

Volume 1, Issue I


Review Articles

Plant based oral vaccines for human and animal pathogens – a new era of prophylaxis: current and future perspectives
Best Review Paper
Kuldeep Dhama, Mohd. Yaqoob Wani, Rajib Deb, Karthik K, Ruchi Tiwari, Rajamani Barathidasan, Asok Kumar, Mahima, Amit Kumar Verma, Shambhu Dayal Singh
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 1-12

Polyploidy: a tool that plants use to survive climate changes
Tanvir H. Dar, Renuka Agrawal, Bilal A Mir, G. H. Dar
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 13-15

Research Articles

Fish diversity and traditional fishing methods in semiarid irrigated system in the bajo vinalopó region, southeastern Spain
Antonio Belda, José Emilio Martínez, Eduardo Seva, Benito Zaragozí, Carlos Martín
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 16-25

Effect of dose rates on organs weight in leptadenia hastata extract treated white albino rats
Maina, V A, Garba A, Maurice N A, Baraya Y S, Owada A H, Hambolu S E, Sada A, Agang I, Gashua M M, Sa‘adatu I, Gugong V T
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 26-31

Human-wildlife conflict in senkele swayne’s hartebeest sanctuary, Ethiopia
Tewodros Kumssa, Afework Bekele
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 32-38

Influence of low intensity coherent electromagnetic millimeter waves on growth and peroxidase total activity of wheat germs
Vardevanyan Poghos O, Nerkararyan Anahit V, Shahinyan Mariam A
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 39-44