Vol 1 – Issue II_S

Volume 1, Issue II (Supplementary Issue)


Review Article

Effects of magnetic field on cancer cell line
Anusheel Varshney and Gautam Kumar
[Abstract] [Download]pp. 91 – 96

Research Articles

Stem of Elsholtzia splendens inhibits adipocyte differentiation by regulating PPAR? and C/EBPa gene expression in 3T3-L1 cells
HeeSook Park and Gun-Hee Kim
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 97 – 101

Investigation of the antimicrobial activity of crude alkaloids extract of Dicentra scandens (D. DON) walp. tuberous root
Nakhuru KS, Pfoze NL, Goswami S and Gogoi HK
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 102 – 105

Efficacy of different transformation methods in rice (Oryza sativa L.)Saikrishna R, Chaitanya KG and Rao GJN
Saikrishna R, Chaitanya KG and Rao GJN
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 106 – 110

In vitro plant regeneration of rose (Rosa hybrida L.) cv. ‘benjamin paul’ through various explants
Rajendra P. Maurya, Ram C. Yadav, N. R. Godara and Vijay S. Beniwal
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 111 – 119

Human blood sera separation, the use of vacutainer vs test tube: our field experience
Garba A, Baraya YS, Tirmidhi AB, Aliyu A, Owada AH, Hambolu SE, Agang I and Ogunkoya AB
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 120 – 124

Evaluation of dog slaughter and consumption practices related to the control of rabies in Nigeria
Garba, A, Dzikwi AA, Okewole PA, Chitunya-Wilson BB,Tirmidhi AB, Kazeem HM and Umoh JU
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 125 – 130

Algal biodiversity status in Chambal river at Kota barrage, Rajasthan
Meera Bhatnagar and Nilima Bhardwaj
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 131 – 138

Antifungal activity of oxylipins against papaya fungal pathogens
Sujatha B, Rashmi HK and P. Uma Maheswari Devi
[Abstract] [Download]pp. 139 – 145

A computational approach for the analysis of single nucleotide polymorphism in cancer gene: MMP-1, SEPS-1 and CCND-1
Gautam Kumar, Anusheel Varshney and Neeraj Kumar Lohani
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 146 – 151