Vol 1 – Issue III

Volume 1, Issue III


Review Article

Advances of nutrigenomics: concept, content, technology and development
Liang Chen and Er-mi Zhao
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Research Articles

Effect of rice husk, hoe weeding and glyphosate in the management of spear grass (Imperata cylindrica) on maize (Zea mays L.)
Isah KM, Abdulmaliq SY, Lawal AF Tswanya NM and Majin NS
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Antibacterial activity and phytochemical composition of leaf and berry essential oils of two Juniperus phoenicea subspecies gathered in Tunisia
Hanène Medini, Ameur Elaissi, Bruno Manongiu, Danilo Falconieri, Alessandra Piras, Silvia Porcedda, Med larbi Khouja, Rachid Chemli and Fethia Harzalla-Skhiri
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Studies on factors which predispose fermented cocoa (Theobroma cacao) beans to mycotoxin contamination.
Abrokwah FK, Takramah J, Ocloo A and Sackey ST
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A study on variations in population density of gastropods in a village pond near Bikaner, Rajasthan
Ankush Sharma, Poonam Lata, N.S. Rathore and Richa Thakur
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Determination of total cell protein profiles of Streptomyces species
Özdemir K. Berber I. Ögün E and Atalan M
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Evaluation of disease resistance potential of seven potato genotypes against early blight caused by Alternaria tenuissima under greenhouse conditions
Hamid Reza Mirkarimi, Ahmad Abasi Moghadam and Javad Mozafari
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Efficacy of biocontrol agents in controlling Rhizoctonia solani on naga king chilli (Capsicum chinense Jacq.)
Marinus Ngullie and Loli Daiho
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Culture potentials of climbing perch, thai koi, Anabas testudineus (BLOCH) under different stocking densities in northern regions of Bangladesh
Shafiqur Rahman , Md. Shirajum Monir and Masud H Khan
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