Vol 1 – Issue V

Volume 1, Issue V


Review Article

Effects of algal compounds on cancer cell line
Anusheel Varshney and Vijayata Singh
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Research Articles

Gross and micro-anatomical observations on Fulani Zebu placentome and its relationship with some foetal parameters
Okafor, C. Lilian, Usende I. Levi, Ezeasor, N. Daniel, Onyiche E. ThankGod
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Allocative efficiency and resource use in banana (Musa sapientum) and plantain (Musa paradisiaca) production enterprises in Bayelsa state, Nigeria.
Kainga Prince Ebiowei,Okorji Eugene Chukwuemeka and Nweze NobleJackson
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Characterization of alpha-amylase from the seeds of Mucuna
K S Chandrashekharaiah*, Preethi, Shalini, V Krishna Murthy, Narayana Swamy, K R Siddalinga Murthy, N Ramachandra Swamy
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Indigenous knowledge and traditional management of cashew (Anacardium occidentale L) genetic resources in Benin
Chabi Sika K, Adoukonou-Sagbadja H, Ahoton LE, Adebo I, Adigoun FA, Saidou A, Kotchoni SO, Ahanchede A, Baba Moussa L
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Genetic diversity of genus Eulophia (Orchidaceae) in selected wetlands of uganda based on AFLP analysis.
Mbeiza Mutekanga Norah
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Histopathological changes in the liver of mice challenged with Listeria monocytogenes in six zones of Nigeria
Enurah L U, Aboaba O O, Nwachukwu S C U and Nwosuh C I
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Aspects of the ecology of the tullberg’s soft-furred mouse (Praomys tullbergi: Thomas 1894) in Mount Afadjato, Ghana
Benjamin Yeboah Ofori, Daniel Korley Attuquayefio and Erasmus Henaku Owusu
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Paracoccus burnerae (Homoptera; Planococcidae) as a vector of Banana streak virus
Muturi S M, Wachira F N, Karanja L S, Wambulwa M C and Macharia E
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