Vol 2 – Issue II

Volume 2, Issue II


Review Articles

The role of dog trading and slaughter for meat in rabies epidemiology with special reference to Nigeria- A Review
Ehimiyein Ajoke, Audu Solomon, Ehimiyein Ikhide
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Rabies-Its Previous and Current Trend as an endemic disease of Humans and Mammals in Nigeria
Ajoke Modupeoluwa Ehimiyein and Ikhide Oluwatoni Ehimiyein
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Research Articles

Efficacy of Balanites aegyptiaca and Olea europaea essential oils on the growth and production of aflatoxin by aflatoxigenic fungi Aspergilli species
El-Nagerabi S A F, Elshafie A E and Elamin M R
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Geographic, economic and socio-cultural factors which defining the risk of dengue transmission in Kelaniya, Sri Lanka
Nadeeka P V J, Gunathilaka P A D H N, and Amarasinghe L D
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Antihemorrhagic activity of quercetin against Macrovipera lebetina obtusa venom
Hovhannisyan D, Tiratsuyan S, Gasparyan G, Voskanyan A and Vardapetyan H
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First report of peanut crown rot disease caused by Aspergillus niger in iraq and its bio- control
Ahed A H Matloob and Kamil S Juber
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Effect of season on artificial insemination in Holstein dairy Cows
Bouhroum N, Bensahli B and Niar A
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Parasites of domestic animals and their possible zoonoses – A study from selected sites of western province, Sri Lanka
Amarasinghe L D and Premathilake E M D L
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Micropropagation of Kainth (Pyrus pashia) – an important rootstock of pear in northern subtropical region of India
Rehman H U, Gill M I S, Sidhu G S and Dhaliwal H S
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Antimicrobial activity of Argentinean propolis against Staphylococcus isolated of canine otitis
Salas A L, Ordoñez R M, Silva C, Maldonado L, Bedascarrasbure E, Isla M I and Zampini I C
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The use of sugar apple and neem extract to control leaf eating pests on soybean
Indiati S W
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