Vol 2 – Issue VI

Volume 2, Issue VI

Research Articles

vol 2 issue 6

Revisiting tree species availability and usage in the Ferlo region of Senegal: a rationale for indigenous tree planting strategies in the context of the great green wall for the Sahara and the Sahel initiative
Khoudia Niang, Moustapha Bassimbe Sagna, Ousmane Ndiaye, Amath Thiaw, Aly Diallo, Leonard E. Akpo, Minda Mahamat Saleh, Ndiack Diome, Sékouna Diatta, Madiara Ngom Faye, Mathieu Gueye, Aliou Guissé and Deborah Goffner*
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 529 – 537

Comparative efficacy of Elaeidobius kamerunicus, E. plagiatus, E. subvittatus (Coleoptera: curculionidae) and Microporum spp. (Coleoptera: nitidulidae) in the pollination of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis)
Malanno KOUAKOU, N’Klo HALA, Alexandre Akpa Moise AKPESSE, Yalamoussa TUO, Mamadou DAGNOGO, Kouakou Eugène KONAN and Hervé Kouakou KOUA*
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 538 – 545

Effect of low potassium stress on root morphological characteristics and potassium accumulation at seedling stage in maize [Zea mays L.]
Zhao Xinhua, Yi Bing, Wang Xiaolei, Jiang Chunji, Cao Minjian, YU Haiqiu* and Wang Xiaoguang**
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 546 – 552

Efficacy of the insecticide imidor sl 200 (Neonicotinoid) against the mirids of cocoa (Theobroma cocoa variety amelonado) in center Côte D’ivoire
AKPESSE Akpa Alexandre Moïse*, LIABRA Guy Joseph, BOGA Jean-Pierre, COULIBALY Tenon, YAPI Ahoua, and KOUASSI Kouassi Philippe
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 553 – 559

Effect of organic, inorganic and biofertilizers on productivity and economics of groundnut-pigeon pea relay intercropping system in vertisols of Gujarat
Poonia T C*, Raj A D and Pithia M S
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 560 – 566

Screening of iron toxicity in rice genotypes on the basis of morphological, physiological and biochemical analysis
Rout G R*, Sunita Sahoo, Das A B and Das S R
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 567 – 582

Chemotherapeutic agent-induced ovarian gonadotoxicity
Mona AM Helal
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 583 – 591

Characterization of yield components in certain groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) varieties of Ethiopia
Jeyaramraja P R* and Fantahun Woldesenbet
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 592 – 596

Effect of biological additives on growth indices and physiological responses of weaned Najdi Ram Lambs
Hussein A F
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 597 – 607

The antinociceptive effect of taurine against levantine viper (Macrovipera lebetina obtusa) venom
Voskanyan A V, Vardapetyan H R, Hovhannisyan M G*, Antonyan M V and Darbinyan A A
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 608 – 617

Indigenous technique for preparation of dry fish and products by Deori Community
Anamika Sarmah, Seemashri Bora, Dibya Jyoti Deori, Santosh kumar Abujam* and Shyama Prasad Biswas
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 618 – 622

Response of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) to exogenous Bradyrhizobium sp strains inoculation and phosphorus supply in two agro-ecological zones of Benin, West Africa
Oscar Yédéou Didagbé1,2, Pascal Houngnandan1, Haziz Sina2, Charlotte Carmelle Zoundji1, Félix Alladassi Kouelo1, Janvier Lakou1, Fatiou Toukourou3, Lamine Baba- Moussa2,*
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 623 – 633

Purification and characterization of esterase from the seeds of Caesalpinia mimosoides
Bhavith K P1, M Narayana Swamy2, N Ramachandra Swamy3 and Chandrashekharaiah K S1,*
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 634 – 641

Evaluation of fishery products in wholesale fish market of Istanbul and Izmir metropolitan (Turkey)
Serpil Yılmaz*, Erkan Gumus, Zehra Arzu Becer, Jale Korun and Mustafa Unlusayın
[Abstract] [Download] pp. 642 – 651