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Effect of nitrogen fertilization on soybean production under two cropping patterns

Suryantini and Henny Kuntyastuti

Indonesian Legume and Tuber Crops Institute (ILETRI)

Corresponding Author Email: suryantinibalitkabi@yahoo.com (Suryantini)

Page No: 316 - 323

Keywords: Soybean, Nitrogen fertilizer, Cropping pattern and Grain yield

Received - March 25, 2015; Revision - April 28, 2015; Accepted - June 29, 2015 Available Online - July 05, 2015

doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.18006/2015.3(3).316.323


Response of soybean crop toward N fertilizer in paddy fields is influenced by the cropping pattern. Present study was conducted for finding out the effect of two cropping pattern viz rice-rice-soybean and rice-soybean-soybean and N fertilization on the production of soybean crops. Results of the study revealed that the cultivation of soybean after rice required higher amount of N fertilizer (30 kg N / ha of urea or 90 kg N / ha of ZA) to increase the grain yield from 0.5 t / ha (control) to 3.4 t / ha while in case of soybean after soybean cropping pattern soybean did not required any additional dose of N fertilizer for increasing the grain yield up to 3 t / ha.

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