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Maximization of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L) yield by nutrient management practices

Madhu Bala* and Kedar Nath

Regional Rice Research Station, Vyara-394650 Tal. Vyara Dist. Tapi (G), India

Corresponding Author Email: madhubala232@gmail.com (Madhu Bala)

Page No: 241 - 245

Keywords: Arachis hypogaea, Yield, Treatments, Nutrient management and BC ratio

Received - March 06, 2015; Revision - April 01, 2015; Accepted - May 22, 2015 Available Online - June 19, 2015

doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.18006/2015.3(3).241.245


Present study was carried out for finding the effect of nutrient management on the yield of the groundnut. The study was formulated in RCBD with 10 treatments and 4 replicates each. Results of the present investigation revealed a significant difference with respect of pod yield for all the studied treatments. Among the different treatments, highest pod yield was recorded by the treatment RDF (100% as basal dose) + FYM (7.5 t/ha) 2169 kg/ha with BC ratio 1:5.45 this improvement was followed by treatment RDF (100% as basal dose) + RDF (50% as top Dressing at 30 DAS) + FYM (7.5 t/ha) 2006 kg/ha, 1:4.66 BC ratio and RDF (100% as basal dose) 1966 kg/ha, BC ratio 1:4.59 and lowest yield recorded by RDF (75% as basal dose) + RDF (75% as top Dressing at 30 DAS) 1721 kg/ha, BC ratio 1:4.58.

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