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Hydration in footballers of Kisangani under the competition and training seasons

Lusamaki Mukunda F1,*, Nyongombe Utshudienyema N2, Batina Agasa S3, Kayisu Kalenga A4 and Losimba Likwela J5

1Degree in Human Nutrition, Department of Human Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, University of Kisangani.
2PhD PO National Pedagogical University, Kinshasa
3MD, PhD, Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, University of Kisangani
4PhD PO institute faculty of Agronomic sciences/ Yangambi
5MD, PhD, Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, University of Kisangani.

Corresponding Author Email: f.lusmuk@yahoo.fr (Lusamaki Mukunda F)

Page No: 151 - 156

Keywords: Yam, Hydration, Soccer competition, Football player and Loss of body weight

Received January 17, 2015; Revision February 05, 2015; Accepted March 28, 2015 Available Online April 25, 2015



Present study was conducted to find out the status of the hydration in football players of Kisangani Urban football teams. A personal interview based on well structured questionnaire was conducted to collect data related to water intake by player during, before and after the match. Furthermore, weight of the players was also recorded before and after the training to assess status of hydration. Result of the study revealed that over 58 % of players loose more than 2% of body weight and it is higher than the standards set by FIFA. Furthermore, it was reported that majority of footballer consumed water whenever they feel thirsty it can be before, during and after the match. Most of the player used water from the Water Supply Authority (REGIDESO). Excessive body weight loss was observed during the match and training season and it decreased physical performance of the players.

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