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Effect of cold treatment (bellow 5C) and different growth medium on flowering period and characteristics of tulip (Tulipa gesneriona L.)

Robabeh Asghari

Institute of Applied Scientific Higher Education of Jahad - e Agriculture, Imam Khomeini Agricultural Higher Education Center, Karaj, Iran

Corresponding Author's Email: fariba2022@yahoo.com (Robabeh Asghari)

Page No: 428 431

Keywords: Forcing; Tulip, Growth medium and Bulb flowers

Received July 22, 2014; Revision August 15, 2014, Accepted August 19, 2014 Available Online August 21, 2014


Tulip belongs to a group of bulbous plants which needs a cold period to ensure flowering and for the development of sufficient stem length. Therefore in present study, the influence of cold treated (below 5 C) and different growth bed on flowering time and on flower characteristics were evaluated. The result of the study revealed that cold treatments at 3 C and using of water as growth medium proved the best condition for producing tulip flower.

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