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Oleic acid: A mycoherbicide from Cochliobolus lunatus for management of Echinochloa crusgalli in paddy

Jyothi G*, Reddy K R K and Reddy K R N

R&D center, Sri Biotech Laboratories India Limited, Hyderabad- 500 034, Andhra Pradesh, India

Corresponding Author's Email: jyothi@sribio.com (Jyothi G)

Page No: 403 409

Keywords: Paddy, Cochliobolus lunatus, E. crusgalli and oleic acid

Received June 23, 2014; Revision July 26, 2014, Accepted August 05, 2014 Available Online August 21, 2014


Cochliobolus lunatus a fungal pathogen of Echinochloa crusgalli (major weed in paddy) was in vitro isolated and proved its pathogenicity against E. crusgalli (a major weed of paddy). Furthermore, phytotoxic compounds responsible for pathogenicity were also isolated from fungus and tested it against E. crusgalli under laboratory conditions. The effective fraction showing 100% mortality of weed was purified through reverse phase HPLC and characterized through NMR, IR and LC-MS spectroscopy. Based on the spectral analysis, the compound was identified as Oleic acid with molecular weight 283 and molecular formula C18H34O2.

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