English Language Editing

Many researchers who are not native English speakers often find it hard to get published due to their manuscripts being rejected as the English is not good enough. The poor English stops much valuable research work from being published; the data and results are more than suitable for publication, but they are hidden behind the inadequate English. These authors often need the help of an editor and proofreader to make the manuscript suitable for publication. To help the valued authors of JEBAS, the journal has made collaboration with the EXCELLENT PROOFREADING AND WRITING SERVICE, and author who wishes to use this service should please visit http://excellent-proofreading-and-writing.com/JEBAS.

Using the services of Excellent Proofreading and Writing is not a guarantee of publication. All the manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences will be judged on the quality of the findings. However, poor English can sometimes obscure the findings and make the review process longer. Authors could consider English editing before submitting their manuscripts.